This will be the animation sequel :)

In the following days I want introduce you to some of my favorite paper-related animations. I will start with the freshest ones some of which left me completely breathless after the first time I saw them.
One of those is of course the already very very very famous and gorgeous Eagleman stag by Mickey Please (recent Royal College of Art graduate) for which I could swear is 3D when I watched it for the first time.
I was more than stunned later on when I discovered the “making of” and it turned out that it is mostly crafted by paper. WOW! Now that was a surprise! Knowing what hell of a work animation by itself is and crafting it all out by paper the way he did - that was extremely impressive!

making of:

Three times HURRAY for Mikey who in the end received the well deserved BAFTA award (and not only) ! Enjoy his gorgeous work and stay tuned for the next ones!

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