VERONIKA OBERTOVA - making of Viliam and other stories

Lovely Veronika Obertova was so kind to give me an interview and share a little bit more very interesting details from behind the scenes of her beautifully crafted and very moving graduation film VILIAM. Veronika is currently working in collaboration with Michaela Copikova. The two directresses founded together Ové Pictures. Their first project is the "happy happy joy joy" FREE TO BE ME - again mostly made out of paper which seems to be the favorite material of these ladies. YAY! Go girls! Wish you lots of success with the next projects to come!

How long did it take you to finalize the idea and the script? Is there a personal motivation behind the story?Viliam is my graduation film, so I had one year for it. I wrote the script with scriptwriter Peter Minar, and it took us 6 months. There is a personal motivation behind the story. The story of Viliam is about art students, artist and maybe little bit about me, or anybody living in his own world. About the passion of doing what you want to do. It is also about how hard is it sometimes to open the door, and look around.. The most difficult thing during making my film, was that i had no idea, at the beginning, how hard it will be. Many of things I did for the first time..., and the deadline was short. For animation I had just 2 weeks. I had to finished my film till the end of the school, because this was my graduation project, and after that it took me 3 more months to finished it properly. I decided to change editing, and I remake some shots.

Why did you choose paper as your medium?I was sitting at home for nearly one month playing with paper. My first idea, was to work with origami, and pop up books, but I found it very hard, so accidentally made one pencil as a 3d paper object and flat hand...and..that was it! I realized that this is going to work. I used classic drawn animation, and watercolor for the drawing parts...I wanted to find two different worlds - one "real" and one "drawn". Everything is "pure" stop motion, I didn't use computer for post production, just for color grading. I used Digital camera, and mostly all of the shots are shoot from top. Just the parts with drops, houses, and car were shot from the side.

How long did it take you to craft it and did you make it completely by yourself or you had a helping hand?All puppets are made from paper. The heads of the characters are about 30 cm high. To do the puppets was like meditation for me..For example the about 100 drops of rain...It took me about 1 month for paper models, but I have four friends which helped me a lot! Michaela Copikova, nowadays my co-worker and really good director helped me with the animation. -Would you share some making of images?I did my film in "punk rock enroll" style, no studio. A really good friend of mine gave me her flat for shooting. I had really old lights, sometimes not working...and some of the shots I took in my kitchen...using the lights of the toaster. But yes, the sound was recorded in studio, and also color grading was done professionally.
Are you satisfied by the supervision that you received from your professors at school and did you expect such a great success?
Yes, I was satisfied, my professor at Academy of Fine Arts and Design are great. Jan Šicko my teacher helped me a lot. But also people outside of school helped as well. Vilo Csino, or Marek Šulík, who edited my filmas well as Boris Farkaš, a Slovak actor, who did the voice over…all of them are professionals, and they helped me for free.

What are you doing lately?
Nowadays I am back at school I study PhD. at visual communication department. Last summer me and Michaela Copikova - we established an animator's duo called Ové Pictures, so now we are working together. In September 2011 we will have premiere of Miska's movie, and there will be some other projects we are working on. We really like to work in classic animation techniques.

How did you feel about the success of your film and what came after?
And about the success….well I didn't expect nothing, I just wanted to make a animated movie...that was my motivation…and I thought, that it will be nice to have my film on some festivals….but when they chose my film to Annecy festival, which was the first big one, I was so happy.The prices do not mean so much for me. Well, yes I am happy when I got the prize, but the most important thing is that people like my small film, and I hope they got something from it.

Thank you for your time Veronika!
My pleasure! Thank you for the opportunity. 



On how-toFriday today a lovely and easy-to-get POP UP CARD tutorial form german designer Peter Dahmen. He was so kind to even include a a template to download. Test it and enjoy!

To get inspired here you can see some of Peters own creations:


This will be the animation sequel 05 - ANDERSEN M STUDIO

Going West is an exceptionaly well crafted paper animation after the novel of the new zeland distinguished fiction writer Maurice Gee - an advertisement for the The New Zealand Book Council. The authors are Andersen M Studiostudio - Martin Andersen, Creative Director and Line Andersen, Creative Partner and Martin’s sister“The animation took 8 months to complete and is 100% handmade with a good old 10A scalpel blade.”  Beware! It is powerful! 


Tomoko Shioyasu

Introducing the gorgeous work of Japanese artist Tomoko Shioyasu. Yes, this is cut out. By hand. It took Tomoko six months to finish this large piece. Here work is currently on display at the JAPAN SOCIETY
333 E 47TH STREET, NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATEin the Bye Bye Kitty!!! Between Heaven and Hell in Contemporary Japanese Art March 18 - June 12, 2011



Artworks full of humor by the Australian based paper engineer Benja. He makes high-end pop-up books and crisp paper constructions. His creations are so full of shine and happiness that they make me brighten up and smile :)


This will be the animation sequel 04 - LUCAS ZANOTTO

After the playful work of the THIS IS IT COLLECTIVE more fun with Lucas Zanotto!

He graduated and worked as an industrial designer for quite a while until he discovered that he can use all the knowledge that he gathered on commercial projects to enjoy himself more by making short animation films and advertisements. Most of them feature a lot of paper and are quite vivid and really entertaining. One could really tell that he definitely had fun while creating them! Adorable! Enjoy!


This will be the animation sequel 03 - THIS IS IT COLLECTIVE

THIS IS IT COLLECTIVE is a group of extremely young creatives -  illustrators, animators, artists and designers all graduates from Kingston college who used to just hang out together and make a magazine called We make a magazine every week THIS IS IT. Obviously the result of just hanging lead to something super ACE! Obviously best things happen when you play and enjoy what you do!

They are the authors of the not only from paper, not only animation but so sweet and extremely creative short film Bad Things That Could Happen:

next video as seen on booooooom


This will be the animation sequel02 - VERONICA OBRETOVA

Next in my shortlist of favorites would be Viliam by Veronika Obretova (recent graduate at the Academy of fine arts and design Bratislava, Slovakia  ).

When I saw it in Annecy 2010 I was literally glued to the seat. The story was so sweet and so well crafted that it was surprising for me that she never won the student award. Nevertheless she won many others or at least she desrvs them in my oppinion.

This will be the animation sequel :)

In the following days I want introduce you to some of my favorite paper-related animations. I will start with the freshest ones some of which left me completely breathless after the first time I saw them.
One of those is of course the already very very very famous and gorgeous Eagleman stag by Mickey Please (recent Royal College of Art graduate) for which I could swear is 3D when I watched it for the first time.
I was more than stunned later on when I discovered the “making of” and it turned out that it is mostly crafted by paper. WOW! Now that was a surprise! Knowing what hell of a work animation by itself is and crafting it all out by paper the way he did - that was extremely impressive!

making of:

Three times HURRAY for Mikey who in the end received the well deserved BAFTA award (and not only) ! Enjoy his gorgeous work and stay tuned for the next ones!



Much much love for the blown fabric designs of NENDO!

Nendo is a Japanese design label founded by Oki Sato. Except all the beautiful, stylish and full of light designs that he creates he also is the author of this witty friendly and fun light objects. They were shown for the first time in 2009 at the Tokyo Fiber `09 and created to test the possibilties of a  new especially developed material called "Smash". 'Smash' is a specialized long-fibre non-woven polyester that can be manipulated into different forms through hot press forming technology. Read more HERE.